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About BAFC


Berry's Adult Foster Care was established in July, 1969. A registered nurse for the City of Detroit by the name of Evelyn Davis Berry and her husband Howard Berry Jr. (a World War II Veteran) had a vision, a plan, and a location. Their vision was to open a community facility that would meet the needs of the mentally ill with medical challenges, developmentally disabled, physically handicapped, traumatically brain injured and the elderly. They pursued their vision and it became a reality. They opened a second facility in 1970 on East Grand Blvd.which was sold in 1997. The facilities were structured as a sole proprietorship from 1969 to 1990. In 1980, Evelyn convinced her daughter, Elva, a graduate of Spelman College (1977) to become the administrator of the two facilities, as she stayed on to assist. At this time, Elva was a full-time State of Michigan employee working in the Department of Mental Health. In 1985, Elva Denise Berry Steward received her second degree from Highland Park Community College in nursing. As an RN, she was also able to provide the same quality care that she had observed her mother implement from inception. On February 6, 1990, Berry's Adult Foster Care Home became a for-profit corporation with the name changed to Berry's Adult Foster Care Homes, Inc. The individualized quality care, however, remained the same. In 1997, the founder became a consumer at the facility due to numerous health conditions after the death of her husband Howard Berry Jr. in 1991.



In 2002, One on One Respite Care, a subsidiary of Berry's Adult Foster Care Homes, INC., was established. The first client was the founder of Berry's Adult Foster Care Homes, Inc., and she received excellent respite individualized care during her stay. An Open House was given to salute 34 years of outstanding service for Evelyn Davis Berry, RN Friday July 18, 2003 in recognition of all of her sacrifices both personal and professional. She departed this life on 11/07/2003, under Hospice of Michigan Care services and the services of the caregivers at this facility. She was 87 years old. In 2005, Elva Berry Steward-Carson obtained her MBA in Healthcare Management from American Intercontinental University Online. In 2011, Elva Berry Steward-Carson obtained her certification as a Certified Brain Injury Specialist from the Brain Injury Association of America Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialist. Berry's Adult Foster Care Home is a Former Associate Member of Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council.     




The population we serve who had aged in place due to the quality of care we had provided them with over the years or new aged admissions that were recently diagnosed with some form of dementia has caused a needed program service expansion. Dementia programming has become a necessity to our services.Therefore, we were granted the Alzheimer designation to our license for the population we serve effective 9-23-2016. Our memory care program, the Evelyn Berry Alzheimer's and Dementia Program, is deeply rooted in a person-centered approach focused on creating feelings of belonging and purpose for each consumer, while seeking to preserve their identity and sense of self. Berry’s Adult Foster Care has maintained an excellent working relationship with the State of Michigan licensing, Wayne County, the Community Mental Health Agencies we are affiliated with, our consumers guardians and family members, and other placement agencies during our 50 years in business and with our current contracted stakeholder -The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network.


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