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From: Angela Davis

This letter is to thank you very much for taking such good care of my mother.
My mother is a long term drug abuser, and a mental patient that suffers from multiple sclerosis.  My mother has been in this home about 2 years, and her behavior, attitude, appetite, appearance, and ability to do the right things in life have improved 100% more than at her arrival at Berry's AFC Home.  I would again like to thank each and everyone of the Berry's AFC Home staff members for a remarkable job well done.  

Thank You, God Bless
Angela Davis



May 22, 2013



Ms. Elva Steward-Carson

Owner of Berry’s Foster Care Home


Dear Ms. Carson:


On behalf of myself working with you and your staff at Berry’s Foster Care, I would like to offer my compliments on the professionalism offered by your staff , as well as warmth and personal focus, towards the individuals residing in your home.  I have had one such individual, in particular, placed under my guardianship responsibility by my employing agency, that flourished from much personal attention and a specific plan of skill building created by staff and additional community resources sought to address the person’s visual handicapped. Much time and effort was placed on my client at Berry’s to give as much personal assistance as possible to promote needed stimulation and progress in this person’s life.





 Marsha Todd-Evans

 Guardianship Worker

 The Berry's Adult Foster Care Home provides superior quality and professional residential care to mentally challenged/medically fragile adult consumers.  In my experience as the CEO of Detroit East Community Mental Health Center, I have observed the level of care and home like environment provided to the consumers of Berry's Adult Foster Care.  The owner-operator, Ms. Elva Steward-Carson is always striving to ensure the best for her consumers, which, covers the range of planning for all special events, and holidays as well as assurance that home staff as well as she remain current with all licensures, trainings and certifications.


Marilyn J. Snowden, MSW, LCSW

Former CEO

Detroit East Inc. CMHC  




 I have worked with the Berry's AFC home  and have found them to provide outstanding specialized services that promote a higher level of care and a commitment to working with our most difficult severely mentally challenged/medically fragile consumers. I commend the way that Berry's AFC home has assisted their consumers with Self Determination by empowering them through Person Centered Planning.  The consumers are involved in daily living activities such as music, arts and crafts, socialization skills, leisure group activities and other related activities.  The hard work noted during these activities demonstrates the staff's ability to provide age appropriate care to the elderly as well as the Dual Diagnosed consumers and the Developmental Disabled.  Berry's AFC home is exemplatory in their standard of care and serves as a model for peer support homes in the community. 


Darryl J. Cornwell M.A. LPC

Former Clinical Consultant

Detroit East Inc. Community Mental Health Center




My mother is a resident of the Berry's Adult Foster Care Home. I am very please with the care that is provided for her. The home is clean and improvements are ongoing.  This is important to me because you know that the home care provider is concern about the living conditions of it residents. The staff is warm and friendly. The staff has requirements to meet that the home care provider Ms. Elva Steward has set.  This is very important to me because you know not just anybody is caring for your love one. The residents have nutritious home cooked meals.  The staff is conscientious of the foods the client's can or cannot eat. The staff is efficient and prompt when medical emergencies occur. This makes me feel at ease knowing that my mother will be taken care of. I would like to thank Ms. Elva Steward and staff for the quality care my mother is receiving. My mother has been a resident there since July 2003. I highly recommend Berry's Adult Foster Care Home.


Ms. C. Cummings



Our aunt has been at the Berry's Adult Foster Care Home since May of 2004. We are very pleased with this home. All of the staff is friendly, helpful, and caring.

The home is kept very clean and orderly. The meals are plentiful and well-planned with special care taken for individual needs. My aunt has been well taken care of. It has been a very good experience for her as well as for us. We highly recommend this adult foster care home to anyone.


Mr. and Mrs. Mazzocco


I am very pleased to offer my opinion and recommendation for Berry's Adult Foster Care Home.  My mother is a resident there and she is thriving beautifully.  I am so relieved to witness the outstanding care she receives on a daily basis.  The attendants are highly conscientious, caring, attentive, well trained and responsive to all the needs of the residents. 

My mother is in her eighties, so she needs a high level of care to accommodate her needs as a senior citizen in addition to her medical needs.  Ms. Carson herself is always available to make sure there is nothing lacking in having her daily needs attended to expediently.

The atmosphere of the home is warm, clean and inviting.  The meals are prepared daily the food is fresh and appetizing. There are on-going social activities introduced to encourage and stimulate the residents in a positive atmosphere

As a retired Police Officer for the City of Detroit, I have first hand observed many foster care homes throughout the City.  I can honestly testify bar none, the Berry's Adult Foster Care Home is by far one of the best I have seen.  I am very happy to have my mother in such a caring well managed atmosphere.


Amber Duncan




To Berry's Adult Foster Care Owner and Staff,

It has been my pleasure to work with the management and staff of Berry Adult Foster Care Home.  As a Vision Rehablitation Therapist, they are the only AFCH I have worked with in Wayne County who have demonstrated committment to blind consumers. They are committed to attention and  exempliary care to each consumer no matter what the disability so they may reach their potential and attain a good quality of life. It is a very consumer-oriented facility who will utilize other government or community resources to enhance consumer care. Each member of the staff is friendly, cooperative, willing to listen and interested in learning new skills to better assist the consumer. I will refer more visually impaired/blind consumers to this facility in the future.




Susan Henry Buhr

Vision Rehabilitation Therapist

Greater Detroit Agency for the Blind & Visually Impaired








Dear Mrs. Steward-Carson,


     This note is to let you and your staff know how I and my siblings,
appreciate your continued care and service of our mother, Ms. Y.  We feel
that her stay at Berry's AFC facility has been a source of comfort for all of us
to know that she is being well-cared for.  Whenever I'm there, usually once per
week, she is mostly up and alert either in her room or in the dining area with
the other residents.  Her environment is neat and clean.  She enjoys
participating in Bingo and other activities, where she has won prizes.  She also
enjoys getting her nails done and making jewelry with the ladies.  Although she
has hearing difficulties, she expresses and appreciates being kept abreast of
what is being said at the home meetings.  Since she has been at Berry's, she has
enjoyed interests in participating in outside activities with her children and
grandchildren, such as attending family gatherings, going to Belle Isle,
visiting the Zoo and Detroit Institute of Arts, to name a few.   Though these
activities are not as frequent since she's been experiencing severe arthritis to
her knees, it is good to know that she is still willing to participate in
outings on her better days.  I know that I speak for myself and my siblings when
I say that Berry's has truly been the next best thing to living at home for our
Laura A. Lerman


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