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To book a consultation with one of our dedicated staff and to see how we can provide help to you or your loved ones, please book a consultation meeting with us.



Room and Board

  • semi & private rooms are available depending on vacancies and the individual needs of the consumer

  • Three nutritious meals with snacks serviced daily


Twenty-Four Hour Registered Nurse Availability


Twenty-Four Hour Staff Supervision:

  • Direct Care Workers/ Certified Nursed Aides are scheduled for twenty-four hour care service for our consumers with a manager/supervisor onsite during normal business hours and a 24 hour on call manager/supervisor daily.


Medication Management and Medical Management:

  • Medications are administered by trained staff only

  • Medical Appointments

Housekeeping and Laundry Services daily

Transportation for Medical purposes when applicable


Specialized Programming for the consumer 

  • music/sing along activities

  • socialization skills

  • conflict resolution/anger management sessions

  • consumer empowerment program

  • leisure group ( for example: arts and crafts, current events, movie night, table games, bingo, and low impact physical exercise)

  • personal hygiene and grooming sessions

  • spiritual services are available upon request of the consumer

  • consumer of the month program

  • holidays and consumer birthday celebration

  • staff supervised outings

  • educational programming -GED assistance

  • behavioral modification programming when applicable

  • life skills for re-entry into semi or independent living when applicable


Onsite Health Care Services:

We have a visiting medical physician, physical therapist and a podiatrist through our close partnership with a home health agency that can intervene when more medical interventions are required and ordered by either our doctor or your family physician. In addition we have a working relationship with advanced non facility based medical/mental health providers, physical neuro-rehabilitation providers, medical case managers or certified case managers and clergy that specialize in traumatic brain injury aftercare-holistic approach to the healing process addressing the mind, body and soul.


Special assistance is provided for consumers who required staff/RN intervention with insulin, blood glucose checks, monthly, weekly daily or prn blood pressure readings and breathing treatments as order by their physicians. Incontinence care is provided with dignity and respect. Incontinence supplies are provided at an additional cost or you can provide supplies for your love ones on a monthly basis.

We are located less than 2 miles from the Detroit Medical Center.


Physical Safety Concerns:

Our direct care workers are trained in CPR, First Aid and Emergency evacuation procedures as mandated by the state.

We conduct monthly fire drills for the safety of all of our consumers.

Our facility is equipped with a hard wire fire system

We have fire extinguishers secured at central locations through the facility.

We have a burglar alarm system with motion detectors connected to the 24 hour alarm command station and the local police precinct.

The facility has an emergency egress lighting system at all exit routes to provide illumination during a power failure and a back up generator certified by the City of Detroit and the State Fire Marshall.

All of our emergency systems are inspected by our local contractors, who certify the systems to be in excellent working order and service them when needed.

We are inspected annually by State Fire Marshall, City Health Department, City Building and Safety Engineering Department, Wayne County Office of Recipient Rights and Insurance Carriers. The State of Michigan Licensing Consultant inspects the facility every two years.


Cost of Personal Care:

The cost of care for your love one or significant other will be determined after a complete pre-admission assessment, complete physical and TB skin test has been performed. Levels of care needs are individualized for each consumer in our care. The fee for room and board, personal care services and community living supports are available upon request for private pay and long term insurance coverage. Our rate change annually based on the inflation and the level of care changes if any. Call for 2013 base cost for private pay which is based on the level of care required and living accommodations requested.


Method of Payment:

We accept private pay (certified checks, bank money orders or bank wire transfer), long term care insurance assignments, Guardian payments, Social Security checks, SSI checks, SSDI, Veterans pension or disability payments, No-Fault Auto Insurance Payments, Workers Compensation Ins Adjusters, Auto Insurance Attorneys, All-scripts Care Management Network, Extended Care Network, Disability Network and Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN).


Admission criteria:

We accept referrals for consumers from mental health placement professionals, veterans hospital discharge planners, nursing homes transitional specialist, psychiatric hospital discharge planners, families and or guardians. The consumer must meet the following criteria:

  • At Least 30 years of age

  • Diagnosis of mental illness and or Traumatic Brain injury

  • Ambulatory with assistance or mobile with a Wheelchair

  • Cannot be actively suicidal or harmful to others

  • Willing to participate in a daily, structure program as directed by an individually developed treatment plan

  • Not physically aggressive

  • Medically Clear with a complete physical and TB test with results prior to admission by a licensed physician

  • Willing to follow the facilities rules and guidelines



We accept referral from Family Members, Guardians, Social Security, Veterans Hospital, Discharge Planners/Social Workers, Auto Insurance Attorneys and Adjusters, Workers Compensation Ins. Adjusters, All-scripts Care Management Network, Extended Care Network, Disability Network and Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN).














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